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Hannedpicked: Creative Copywriter / Content Strategist / Translator for Hire

Didn’t mean to sound like Khaleesi announcing her title here, but I do accept a various types of linguistic gigs, so if you’re looking for translator, linguist, content writer, UX writer, a copywriter who specialises in English and Thai, then WELCOME!

Who is Hannedpicked?

Hannedpicked was created by Anne, a creative copywriter based in Bangkok, Thailand. The site is meant to be a portfolio/blog for those who might be interested.

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❌ availability: closed ❌

The schedule may change due to personal reasons or other business.

For more info please contact me directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

last updated: August, 2021

Unfortunately, no. I am currently busy with a project with other company at the moment.

I’m also doing my personal projects just for fun, so I want to manage my time as efficiently as I can.

Feel free to contact me though in case you’d like to connect or share some news with me.

Plus I also need some time to play with this baby as well, so that’s it 🐶

If I have to describe my works, they’d be a fun B2C contents, or some self-indulging contents. I do translate, or write some serious stuff from time to time (and a mix of both is possible! sometimes I do fun, creative B2B contents too!)

When I am free from my work, I like to write for fun as well, as an aspiring fiction writer 🙂

  • Writing Thai fantasy novel.
  • Studying game development.
  • Studying Adobe Aftereffect.

(Yes, I treat this part of the website as a to-do list :P)