What's hannedpicked?

Hannedpicked is a website owned by Pimchanok Khempila (Anne).

I offer content service, creative consulting service, other language-related service, and if you are interested, you can contact me via my email or contact section below.

Hannedpicked is created because I need somewhere to collect my works, my thoughts, and filling the void of the good old blogging days in early 2000s.


I am a Creative Copywriter based in Bangkok, Thailand. My working languages are English and Thai.

I’m currently a full-time freelancer. My specialties are creating creative strategy for brands and actually making it work with my writing and creative skills.

I’ve been working with Thai and International companies, as a sole freelancer and as an employee. 


I am interested in creativity, internet culture, entertainment, history, video games, video games development, human rights, Liberal Arts, politics.

Need someone to help you promoting contents in Thai market through creative marketing? hit me up.

Contact Me: